This is my personal herbal and is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any ailment or illness.
I am not a doctor in any way, shape or form.

Please consult your Care Provider before using any herbs or natural medicinals. Anyone can be allergic to anything, if you're unsure it's better not to use it. Double check everything with you Care Provider if you're pregnant or nursing.

Nothing works for everyone and nothing works exactly the same for everyone. Do the research yourself. Don't take any one persons word for anything, no matter how knowledgeable they seem. Doctors with years of experience make mistakes that cost lives. It's your body, (your home, your car, garden, etc etc etc) take responsibility for it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Healing House Teas on Art Fire

You can now find HealingHouse Teas on ArtFire.com

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Resurrection Tea

I am not a doctor, I've never claimed to be and never will. This is not meant to substitute mainstream medicine in any way. I am in no way advising or prescribing just sharing an old recipe.

Harm None

This recipe has been used successfully to treat aids, several forms of cancer and other very serious illness. It's believed to be a good thing to have on hand in the event of a pandemic.

The recipe can be ground for capsules but is easiest to ingest by tea. In tea form it works more quickly and is easier on the stomach.

It contains no caffeine.

It contains Echinacea which is a safe and natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. Because of this, Echinacea should not be overused or it may loose it's ability to work in more serious circumstances. When using Echinacea internally, in any form, it's best used for 3 to 7 days (never more then 10) then discontinued for at least 2 weeks.

It also contains Bee Pollen, which is an important ingredient but some people are allergic to it. You can make it without but it will be much less nourishing.

It supports and strengthens the immune system.Fights bacterial, viral and fungal infections.Helps detoxify the system.Nourishes with many vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids needed for health and healing.Provides energy which enables the body to help fight off illness and helps counteract fatigue.

This recipe in is Parts. A part in this case meaning whatever you use to measure. I most commonly use a Tablespoon or cup. The tea can be kept in an airtight jar and stay good a very long time. It will loose potency over time but not nearly as quickly as most manufacturers would have you believe. If your tea is kept dry, well sealed and out of direct sunlight it will still be worthy in 5 years.

Resurrection Tea

1 Pt. Ginseng ( Eleuthero Root )
1 Pt. Pau d'Arco Bark
1 Pt. Echinacea Pururea ( Purple coneflower - all parts)
2 Pts. Red Clover Flowers (Trifolium pratense)
1/2 Pt Bee Pollen (local is best but any will do)

Large pieces should be crumbled but not over handled to lose oils. Mix everything well before adding bee pollen then mix lightly or pollen can be destroyed.

About 1 1/2 teaspoon will make a strong 8oz cup

When I make it, I steep it for quite some time (5 minutes or more) making a very strong brew and then water it down as needed. I give a small amount (about 8 oz) of weak tea 3 times a day.

You can add honey to sweeten but nothing else. The principle of this tea is that all ingredients work with oneanother in a specific and balanced way. Many things can change the way chemicals act or react and thereby completely change the composition of the medicinal.

We have also seen benefit from using in compresses under the arms, neck and other glands.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 New Teas


3 Sisters

3 Sisters is a very good tea to always keep on hand. It's calming and very comforting, making it an excellent tea during traumatic events. It's also very warming and is a wonderful way to warm up after a cold day outside. It's delicious hot or cold and isn't strictly medicinal so it can be enjoyed anytime.

Contains: Rooibos, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger Root



Sensual is a simple tea that makes no claims and offers only an exotic scent and taste that put many people, especially women, in a relaxed, yet sensual mood. For men, try the Yang tea.

Contains: Jasmine, Oolong and Ginger Root



Warmth Tea is an excellent tea for warming a person that has been to long outside in Winter or has a weakness to the cold. It helps to warm thoroughly and quickly.

Contains: Rooibos, Cheyenne, Cinnamon and Yerba Mate


Birthing Tea

Birthing Tea is a simple, single herb tea that is a gentle yet effective way to aid childbirth. Red Raspberry leaf has long been used to strengthen the uterine muscle, increase milk production and ease nausea and the pain of childbirth. Many women, including myself, drink 1 to 3 cups daily after the first trimester, and right before giving birth. ** Please, never take anything while pregnant without consulting your care provider first!

Contains: Organic Red Raspberry Leaf


To order these teas and many others, or to request a custom blend, see my Herbal Shop HealingHouse.etsy.com or contact me at HealingHouseTeas@aol.com


Questions and Answers

The best advice I can give is to talk to your care provider/vet and go with what you feel is right.

I'm no doctor of any kind. I research everything I use or recommend and truly believe in it. My medicinal background is experience and study as an Herbalist, Midwife and Vet Tech. But I'm not perfect :)

Even among learned Veterinarians, opinions differ often and sometimes wildly.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that the dust of anything is harmful if inhaled. Diatomaceous Earth is crushed, fossilized diatoms which are abrasive. Even baby powder is harmful if breathed :) I've known plenty of people who use DE on their carpets and I hear it recommended often. I personally wouldn't.

For egg whites, again I differ other opinions but I also differed when the Attorney general told us that eggs were very bad for human health. Until they changed their minds a few years later :) I think the key to anything is moderation. To much of anything is bad and can be dangerous.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Natural Pet - Flea Control

There are many fairly simple and natural ways to eliminate and prevent parasites. Fleas, worms and mites are at the top of the list and can also lead to much worse things. Today I'll focus on fleas.

** To start any natural flea control, a good bath should come first if at all possible. A gentle child's soap is fine but follow with a diluted vinegar rinse (a couple of tablespoons vinegar to a gallon of warm water) to remove any residue. Furred creatures have natural occurring oils which they need for a healthy coat and to say cool in summer and warm in winter. A good bath never hurts but to much bathing could actually cause fleas to be worse and weaken the natural system.

** Tea Tree oil can be diluted and used in a rinse after the vinegar rinse or as a stand alone rinse instead of bathing. A Tea Tree oil rinse (1 tablespoon Tea Tree oil per one gallon warm water) can be used like a flea dip in the summer, if fleas and tick are very bad, or before a long hike in the forest. You can also make up a batch and keep it in a spray bottle to lightly mist the coat when it's warm out (always be careful to avoid the eyes! and don't over use)

** Diatomaceous Earth (DE) can be used outside with great effect and is fairly safe to use (everything should be used with respect and care). It can be sprinkled along foundations of buildings and in animal pens under a layer of straw or raked into a layer of pebbles. I would not recommend using it indoors because the dust is harmful if breathed but a small amount will likely be tracked in by the pets anyway.

** Cedar has long been used for it's ability to deter fleas. Cedar chips make an excellent bedding and leaves the coat smelling like cedar as well. Cedar can also be used as a filler for pet beds indoors and in small cedar pillows kept in closets and under furniture.

To make a soft pet bed with a refillable cedar pocket, just sew a pillow whatever size your pet needs and, stuff as usual. But, when you're ready to close the opening sew a long sock or open weave pouch inside the pillow. That way the stuffing stays in but the pouch can be filled and refilled with cedar chips.

** Garlic can be fed to cats and dogs to help eliminate fleas and keep them at bay. It also has the added benefits of deworming, helping to strengthen the immune system, good for the heart and circulatory systems. However, to much garlic can irritate the stomach lining, to much of anything, no matter how good, usually turns into a bad thing.

I recommend 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder per 10 pounds of body weight, fed at least twice a week.

******* NEVER use garlic salt, it can dangerously thin the blood.

** Brewers Yeast is a great addition for natural flea control. It can be added to wet food or given daily in tablet form. Most dogs and cats love it and gobble it right up. The general recommended dose is about 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight.

Brewers Yeast can also be rubbed into the coat to repel fleas instantly. This should be done outside to keep the fleas out of your home and be careful they don't jump on you. This is only a temporary fix but can be used to jump start a natural flea routine.

** Pennyroyal is a good flea deterrent. It can be grown around animal enclosures and dried to use in natural, temporary, flea collars. But, should always be used with caution!

********* Although Pennyroyal is of the mint family it is poisonous if ingested and should never be taken internally. If you're pregnant or even might be, you shouldn't handle it at all!

If growing around enclosures be sure to keep it out of the animals reach. Grow it along the outsides of fences or near the backs of houses where the animals can't get.

For a natural, temporary, flea collar ... take about a teaspoon of dried herb and roll it in a cotton bandana and tie loosely around the neck. You can also add it dried to a removable pouch that can be secured inside a dog bed or the like.

** Borax powder can be used on carpets and floors and is very effective in killing fleas. Sprinkle a good layer on, leave it for at least 1 hour, then vacuum thoroughly. When leaving anything on the carpets or floors remove pets and children to a safe area until properly cleaned.

** Vacuum carpets often and immediately empty the canister or bag and throw outside.

** Wash bedding regularly and thoroughly. Yours and theirs.

Please remember to consult your Vet or animal care provider, before trying anything new :)

Recipes .....

~ Yum ~

Per 10 pounds

1 Tablespoon wet food (store or homemade)1 teaspoon beaten egg
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon Brewers Yeast
1 teaspoon warm water

Mix well and feed immediately. Can be mixed ahead of time and kept in fridge but don't add the water till ready to serve, it will help warm to food and make it tastier.

~ Flea Free Dog Biscuits ~

2 cups whole wheat flour1 cup cornmeal2/3 cup brewers yeast2 T garlic powder2 egg yolks1½ cups boiling chicken broth

Mix all ingredients together to make a dough. Form shapes or biscuits on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for about 30 minutes at 375.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cough and Cold

Throat Syrup (for coughs and sore throat)

1 c honey
3 T lemon juice

Mix together in small pan over medium heat to incorporate. Allow to cool and pour into glass bottle with tight lid. Store in refrigerator and take 1 to 2 Tablespoons as needed. If it crystallizes simply repeat process.

Keeps indefinitely.


Vapor Rub

4 parts olive oil
1/2 part eucalyptus oil
1/2 part wintergreen oil
1/2 part beeswax

Warm oils together in heavy sauce pan over medium heat. When oils have warmed together well then add beeswax, stirring constantly until dissolved. You can adjust the amount of beeswax for the consistency you prefer. When completely dissolved, carefully pour into a container (I use old baby food jars) and let cool completely before adding a lid.

Use as needed. Can be rubbed on back, chest or (my preference) soles of feet then cover with socks.

Keeps indefinitely.


Juli's Flu Tea

1/8 t Echinacea
1/8 t Pua D'Arco bark
1/8 t Peppermint
pinch of powdered Ginger root
1 T Honey
1 c water

Boil the water then turn low to simmer. Add everything but the honey and simmer about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and add honey. Drink warm several times a day.

For fever add 1/8 t Feverfew


Throat Drops

1 c Horehound
2 c Water

2 c sugar
1/8 t cream of tarter

Combine horehound and water in heavy sauce pan and boil until reduced to 1 cup, usually 10 to 15 minutes. Strain and return to pan.

Add sugar and cream of tarter, stirring well over low heat to fully dissolve. When dissolved cook over medium heat until it reaches about 290 on candy thermometer or until it forms a hard ball when dropped in cold water. Carefully pour into candy molds or into buttered pie plates to harden. Break into pieces and store in airtight container in cool dry place, away from sunlight.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Natural Tooth and Mouth Care

There are many ways we can take care of our teeth and mouths simply and naturally. Flossing, rinsing and brushing (even with water only) makes a huge difference.

Here are a few other home remedies for dental and oral health.


Simple baking soda with mint or Tea Tree or Neem oil added makes a good brushing powder. Just mix about 1/4 t of mint oil or 1/8 t of tea tree oil to baking soda, mix well and store in jar with tight lid.


Strawberries to whiten teeth. Simply cut the end off a strawberry and rub it on your teeth. or you can mash one and use your toothbrush.


An old homemade toothpaste recipe is

1/4 t mint oil (spearmint or peppermint)
1/2 t rubbed garden sage
1/8 c arrow root powdered
1/8 c orris root powdered
1/8 c water

Mix all dry ingredients well then add oil, mix again. Add water slowly until a paste forms to the consistency you prefer. Store in medicine cabinet in small jar with tight lid. Recipe can be doubled or tripled depending on need. The oil can be substituted with your preference and adding Neem improves the mixture greatly.


And a homemade mouthwash ...

Boil about 2 cups water. When the water begins to boil remove from heat and add about a Tablespoon of parsley or watercress and half of each. Cover and steep 5 to 10 minutes. Remove lid and add about 1/2 t mint oil (or to taste). You can also add clove, cinnamon or orange zest. When cooled store in a glass jar with tight lid in the fridge.


For sore or bleeding gums, rub or brush gently with sea salt and make a warm sea salt rinse by adding about a teaspoon of sea salt to one cup warm water.

Or try using a little Neem powder on you brush and brush gently.


Many people recommend brushing daily with salt to whiten teeth and keep them healthy but I don't. Salt is very harsh and, especially with young teeth or older teeth, the enamel can be easily damaged. It is safe to use salt sparingly tho and it makes a very healing rinse. If you do use salt more often it's best to run it thru a grinder to powder it.


Not all toothaches or mouth problems are what they seem. often times sinus congestion or the like can cause teeth and mouth to ache, so double check if there's a problem.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Chicory is a beautiful plant, tall and graceful, with wonderful bluish purple daisy-like flowers. The leaves are much like dandelion leaves and when young they're often mistaken for dandelions. Chicory frequently pops up among fields of Queen Anne's Lace and Black-eyed Susans, like jewels in a forgotten jewelry box.

Most people know Chicory as a substitute for coffee and tho it's slightly bitter and has no caffeine, a hot cup of roasted chicory root will wake you up in the mornings. It's best use that way however is to extend your coffee. You can dig the roots whenever you find them, clean well and roast in a low oven for about 4 hours, until they're dark brown inside. Then grind them and mix them with your coffee to make it go further.

But Chicory has many other uses as well.

The leaves, gathered before the stalk comes up, can be eaten as greens but are very bitter and best when added o other, milder tasting things. The flowers can be added fresh to salads, used to decorate other foods or make a tasty jelly. The spring root can also be baked and eaten, with a parsnip like taste.

Chicory is also used medicinally.

Internally, a tea made from the spring root and leaves can be used to calm an upset stomach or as a mild laxative. It's been used to treat the liver and jaundice.

Externally, A soothing eye compress can be made simply by soaking a cotton ball in the tea and applying to a closed eye. And the leaves can be bruised and applied directly to skin irritations to reduce swelling and has been useful in treating swollen joints cause by rheumatoid arthritis.

As with all things please use care and common sense when trying something new. Do research and investigate fully, never take one persons word as the final say. And always talk to your Care Provider first :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Natural Pain Relievers

Always check with your Care Provider first. Anything can have adverse effects and anything can become addictive. If you're treating ongoing pain without an apparent cause please talk to someone who can help you identify the cause and treat it instead.

There are actually many natural pain relievers available. And, depending on what's causing the pain, treating the actual ailment will likely relieve the pain without any extra help. For instance, if the pain is due to swelling and the cause of the swelling is treated or the swelling itself is treated, then the pain should dissipate.

However, there are times when a separate pain reliever is needed and the ones I use most often and feel safest with are ....

White Willow Bark - it's very bitter and leaves a bitter aftertaste but can be mixed with honey which really helps. It's essentially aspirin but works much better in tea or liquid form. You can also make a compress and use it on aching joints. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well making it good for conditions that involve swelling. However, it can cause stomach upset so take with care.

Chamomile - the mildest of pain relievers is often passed up with the thought that because it's so mild it won't work. However, many people find that it helps them greatly simply because it's rarely used for that purpose so no tolerances have built up. It's generally very safe to use and rarely interacts badly with other herbs or medications. It's gentle enough to use for children.

St. Johns Wort - this is also a pain reliever that's often over looked for this purpose. It works well for many people, especially those with nerve pain. It also helps reduce pain by calming the mind and body, a relaxed body will generally hurt less and muscle and joint stress is eased. However, when taking St. Johns you should take care about being in the sun because it causes sun sensitivity.

Birch Bark works well for many people and is fairly safe and easy to use. You can simply peel or pick up some bark, rinse it and boil it for tea. You can sweeten with honey and it mixes well with many other herbs. However, it's also a mild diuretic, so take it with care.

Also, many people find help with Valerian It works in much the same way Marijuana does for pain. Neither are actually pain killers but both work to dull the nerve receptors. They both also relax you and when you're relaxed you hurt less. However, in most states Marijuana is illegal so if you can find a legal alternative, please do. It's not worth breaking the law if something else can be found to work.

Anything can become addictive but belong relived of pain in itself is addictive making the source more likely to be depended upon and abused. If you're unable to afford health care and don't have anyone you can talk to try contacting a Pharmacist or local Midwife, they may be able to help or direct you to someone who can.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Healing House Teas on LocalHarvest.org

The wonderful people at Local Harvest have been helping people find local organic and all natural vegetables, dairy and meat for years. I've used them many times to search out local farmers markets and the like. Now they've accepted my add for Healing House Teas http://www.localharvest.org/member/M23255 I'm so thankful! Check them out for local harvests in your area as well.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High Blood Pressure, also known as Hypertension, affects millions of people all over the world. However I believe that Americans may be at the top of the list. In my opinion, the two main factors in high blood pressure are, stress and diet.

Steps for lowering blood pressure naturally are as simple as ...

Quit smoking
Yoga (or some other form of exercise)
Meditation (or some form of relaxation)
Eat less salts
Limit alcohol use

There are several herbs which are often recommended for lowering high blood pressure but the only one I recommend is garlic. Simple, plain, versatile garlic. Garlic has been used for ages for everything from acne to intestinal parasites and, when taken daily, has been shown to reduce high blood pressure.

Medicinal doses of garlic vary depending on ailment but to lower blood pressure the equivalent of one tablespoon garlic powder (**never garlic salt) per day for 2 to 3 months, should significantly lower blood pressure.

Medicinal doses of garlic should not be used while pregnant altho eating garlic in foods should be safe. Also, large amounts of garlic can irritate the stomach and should be taken with care.

Foods that help lower blood pressure naturally are, most greens, potatoes, pumpkins, bananas, beans and broccoli. Eating red meat can cause or trigger high blood pressure so a vegetarian diet or eating lighter meats like poultry would be best.

Adding soy to your diet has been show to lower blood pressure and has many other benefits including being believed to kill some bacteria in meats.

In the end simple living and a more peaceful life is the best medicine for many ailments. A simple kindness to some other living thing has the powerful ability to strengthen overall health and promote feelings of well-being and worth. A peaceful walk each day can greatly improve health of mind, body and spirit.

High Blood Pressure Tea
1/2 teaspoon Hawthorn berries
1/2 teaspoon Ginger root powder
1/2 teaspoon Valerian (stinks terribly but works well)
1/8 teaspoon Saffron
2 cups boiling water.

Pour boiling water over herbs and allow to steep 20 minutes. Strain and drink two cups per day.

** Always check with you Care Provider first.

Namaste :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day Lilies


Day Lilies, one of natures great bounties, are an excellent food source. They can be used fresh, dried, frozen or canned. Eaten raw, baked, fried or added to other foods.

You can eat all parts, including the tubers which taste a little like a mild radish when eaten raw and like a mild potato when cooked.

Day Lily Fritters are a favorite here. For fritters, the days flower is best. You can use the day after flower or the unopened bud as well tho. The recipe I use for Day Lily Fritters is basically a pancake batter with 2 T. vegetable oil added. You can chop the Day Lilies and add to the mix and fry in a little oil. Or, you can dip the whole Lily in the batter and fry.

They're also excellent in scones. And they're very good with a little cinnamon.

You can add all parts fresh to raw salads, cook all the parts for a vegetable and cut up the tubers and boil or bake them to eat like mashed potatoes.

The day after flowers (spent and drooping) are very good in soups and stews.

Day Lilies only bloom for a day so it's good to pick them in the evening or early the next morning. The open flowers are easy to dry, just turn upside down on your drying rack or screen. The buds and spent flowers take a little longer but well worth it to have plenty for the winter. You can dig and eat the tubers year round unless the ground is to frozen to dig them up.

They are as easy to grow as they are to eat and will grow in full sun to almost full shade. They grow in almost any soil and divide themselves each year. A beautiful and nutritious addition to every yard and garden.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

St. Johns Wort


St. Johns Wort is a very simple unassuming plant. It's very easy to grow up to zone 5 and does well in full sun or partial shade. It can be used fresh or dried and all aerial parts are used and should be harvested in summer.

It has long been used to treat anxiety, irritability, depression, emotional instability and some conditions where there is nerve pain. It's easy to use in teas and tinctures but doesn't mix well with many other herbs, so research anything you intend to add with it. I much prefer using single herbs whenever possible anyway tho you can add other complimenting medicinals. But remember also that many things will counteract or change other things.

Topically, it can be use in balms and salves for burns, inflammation and muscle aches. You can make a wonderfully relaxing massage oil by adding St. Johns Wort oil (which is very red) to other oils such as almond oil.

St. Johns Wort can also be used in soaps and candles as aromatherapy, with similar effects. If you can't make or get soap or candles, you can easily take some fresh St. Johns Wort or essential oil, and add it to some simple Epson salt or sea salt. For fresh, bruise gently and add to salts in a container with a tight lid and room for the salts to move around. Store in a cool dry place out of sunlight and each day shake or mix with wooden spoon. After 7 to 10 days it's ready for use. Just throw a handful under running water when preparing a bath. If you use fresh and don't want leaves in your bath, just wrap them loosely in cheesecloth or add them to a muslin bag before adding to the salts. In a gallon size jar of salts I add around 3 large handfuls of St. Johns Wort. The salt will desiccate the herbs a bit and I quite like them in the tub.

St. Johns flowers are also gathered and used by natural dyers for yellow and gold.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Emergency Glop Recipe

1 pack unflavored gelatin
1 cup water

Boil water and mix in gelatin, then set aside to cool a bit.

1 can goat or sheep milk (you can use evaporated milk if you have to)
2 T plain whole yogurt
2 T regular mayonnaise
1 T light Karo syrup
1 egg yolk (beaten)
1 cup of Pedialyte liquid - unflavored

Mix all other ingredients together and add cooled gelatin.

Keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Always warm to room temperature or a little warmer before feeding.

This was originally for kittens but we've used it to feed rescued babies of all kinds. It can also be used to feed humans who are unable to eat normally. You can also add a jar of baby food meat for humans, kittens and pups.

This basic recipe can be adjusted to fit a number of needs and has saved countless lives.

Thursday, May 29, 2008



Feverfew is a wonderful plant. It looks a lot like Chamomile and the two are often confused. It's easy to grow and grows well in most areas, up to zone 5, I believe. You can grow it in the ground or in a pot. It likes full sun but can burn if it's to hot and does best in partial shade in hotter areas.

Feverfew has a couple of extremely beneficial actions. It works much the same way as aspirin as a mild fever reducer and can help relieve inflammation. Because of these actions it makes a good gentle fever tonic and works very well for many people who suffer from Migraines and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Some people swear by eating a fresh leaf or two a day to keep migraines away but many people find that the harsh oils cause ulcers in the mouth. However, It can be easily dried and used in teas and compresses.

To dry, just cut off stems with leaves, rinse well in cool water and hang them to dry. when dry and brittle just crumble off the brittle leaves and that's your herb. Stems, leaves and flowers can be used.

You can add about a teaspoon of dry feverfew to a tea ball for a cup of tea. It mixes well with most other herbs and can be sweetened.

To make a compress, simply fill an open weave cloth (such as cheesecloth or gauze) with the dry herb, dampen with very cold water and apply to the painful areas of head or painful joints. You can also dampen then freeze for a cold compress or if you find heat more beneficial, dampen with warm water.

Please, always check with you Care Provider before using any medicinal. Feverfew should never be taken if pregnant or by anyone taking any sort of blood thinning medications.

Taking responsibility for your own health is a powerful step toward whole, natural health but please do so with common sense and remember to check everything with a health professional.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Common garden Rosemary, so good in breads and butters, is also a good add to the medicinal cabinet.

It's a great bath herb, often used as a rinse for dark hair and to control dandruff. A homemade dandruff shampoo can be made with Rosemary and Soap Bark. It also makes a good facial cleanser and can be mixed with scrubs.

Added as a bath tea or added to bath salts, it will soothe away aches and pains and calm muscle spasms.

You'll likely find it in blends for depression and it's a very good herb for headaches and improving memory.

It's sometimes used in stomach tonics but should be taken with care by people with sensitive systems because it can irritate the stomach and intestines in larger doses.

Topically it eases the pain and swelling of rheumatism and helps heal bruises, sores and wounds.

It's a warming herb and stimulating topically or internally.

Rosemary is generally easy to grow and an evergreen in most areas. It can be grown in a container and does well with other herbs. It can be used fresh, dried or even frozen and keeps it's lively pungent scent and taste for quite some time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There's a lovely store in Springfield called Renaissance Books and the woman who owns it has a website called WholeOzarks.com, where she advertises local things like enlightened workers, natural healing and organic foods. She offers one free add to small local businesses after she inspects and approves them and she's accepted and listed Healing House teas :) she listed me under health food stores.

I am so thankful !

And do check out the listings for many other wonderful local resources.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Probably the most famous of the mint family, Peppermint has been used for ages to calm upset stomach, relieve gas, colic, cramps and nausea. It contains menthol, which makes it good for congestion and is among the safest herbs for medicinal use.

It's as easy to use as it is to grow. You can take a fresh sprig and add it directly to your iced or hot tea. Put a spring in your sugar bowl or honey jar to flavor. Make your own extract and add it to your baking and cooking. You can make your own simply dinner mints.

Dried it lasts for some time and is an excellent herb to have on hand for the winter. You can add it to drinking and medicinal teas and can be used to hide the taste of many bitters.

When blending teas use dried peppermint sparingly. Where you might add 1 part each of other herbs a 1/2 part of peppermint will likely do the trick.

Peppermint is often thought of as a winter herb, candy canes and peppermint patties, but it's a cool herb and goes well with a hot summers ice tea.

When harvesting Peppermint for medicinal purposes the whole plant can be used. For cooking and baking, it's best to gather only the smaller leaves because as they get bigger they can become a bit bitter.

When planting Peppermint, many people prefer to grow it in a container since it's likely to jump any boarder you make. but I don't mind at all and when I mow the yard the air is filled with the scents of mints and balms :)



Friday, May 23, 2008

A Wonderful Opportunity

Recently I was given the opportunity to be a part of gift bags that will be making the rounds of some craft fairs in England. Sara, of http://sarastexturecrafts.blogspot.com/ , generously offered to add some things to her gifts bags for the fairs. I made up 20 sample teas with business cards to be added. I'm so excited and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be included. It's a wonderful way to promote and I'm hoping to be able to do the same as soon as my car is repaired!

Anyway, thank you so much Sara! and enjoy your summer :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Extracts and Tinctures

Pure extracts and tinctures are expensive to buy but very easy to make. You can use them in cooking and medicinals and, they also make very nice gifts.

You'll need a good quality Vodka (any vodka will do but the better quality of Vodka will make a better extract).
Your herbs or spices (can be fresh or dry herbs but fresh works best).
A clean glass jar with tight fitting lid.
Strainer (cheesecloth works well).
Cool, dark storage space.

When using fresh herbs, slightly bruise the herbs to help release the essential oils. Add about 1 part fresh herb to 4 parts Vodka or 1 part dry herb to 5 parts Vodka, in clean glass jar. Cover tightly with lid and store in cool dark space for 4 weeks. Shake vigorously once a day. After 4 weeks you can strain the herbs out and the store your new extract or tincture in glass jar with tight lid. Dark glass is best but any will do. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Will keep indefinitely.

A metal lid may rust, ruining your extract but you can add a piece of plastic (like a plastic food bag) to the jar before adding the lid.

Make all your own extracts and tinctures and you'll know exactly what went into them :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Fenugreek - Trigonella foenum-graecum


**Fenugreek is a uterine stimulate and should never be used by anyone who is pregnant.

It can be used during labor however to stimulate the uterus and Is a good combination with Red Raspberry leaves.

Also increases milk flow for breastfeeding. but remember, what the mother ingests, the baby ingests.

It's long been used as an aphrodisiac but I have found it works better for men then women.

It can be used to ease moontime cramps and pain.

Is often used in medicinal blends for Diabetes and the Liver.

It can be used to relieve constipation and stomach upset.

Topically it makes an excellent balm or poultice for boils and has been used to decrees cellulite.

All parts of the fenugreek plant may be used, seeds, sprouts, plant ...

Fenugreek is a bitter and is usually combined with other herbs to disguise it's taste. Honey can be added to sweeten but sugar can break down the medicinal chemicals of most medicinals in way that makes them less beneficial.

Fenugreek can be used in teas, tinctures, balms, salves, poultices ...

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am not a Doctor nor have I ever claimed to be.

I fully believe depression due to chemical imbalance can be permanently cured. I believe the key is to stay with a regime for years. Most people want a quick fix and if it hasn't completely changed them in a few months they're on to something else. The thing is, to rebalance the chemical output that had been imbalanced for the persons lifetime, takes years to correct. Essentially, you're retraining your system. That also includes retraining the way you think, act, react and feel, to a certain extent.

The herbs and vitamins assist by chemically balancing, calming, centering .... but we also have to physically, mentally and spiritually retrain and relearn how to be in balance.

We all get addicted to things everyday, (some people are addicted to collecting hats) and in a sense we have become addicted to the imbalance and the feelings and thoughts that go with it. We become accustom to reacting to things in a certain way and expecting things to be a certain way and so on and so on.

I believe that if we choose to change along with the changes created with the herbs and vitamins that we can cure ourselves.

I know it sounds impossible but we can truly choose to be happy. It's that simple and yet can be very difficult to do.

To start, you just a pick a thing each day to enjoy, appreciate, be happy about and thankful for. If you can't actually feel those things then pretend you do. Become an actress or actor each day until it starts to feel real. And it will, I promise. You have to stay with it tho. Never give up no matter what happens. If you have a bad day and then start again the next.

As you go, try to add more things to be happy about each day. Concentrate on those things. When something goes wrong or you start feeling worse force yourself to think on those things again.

Eventually, one day you'll wake up and discover that you don't have to force yourself anymore :)

None of that means you won't feel sad sometimes. Things happen that cause natural depression thru-out our lives, which are simply part of the circle. We can never choose how others will act, only how we react to them, or to the situation.

We have been given many gifts that are most often overlooked or forgotten and I think the power of choice is among the greatest and most important.

You should always consult your Care Provider first ! For depression caused by chemical imbalance I would recommend taking Multi B complex, C and E every morning. St johns wort 2 to 3 times a day with food but not with any other supplements.

**While taking St Johns wort you should take care about being in the sun, it causes sun sensitivity in most people. You should also not use it if you're taking any antidepressants at all or, if you are pregnant or nursing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Healing House Teas Opens

On Earth Day, April 22, 2008, I opened Healing House Teas. It's been a long time coming, something I've been working toward for some time now.

Starting with medicinal teas, I'll eventually add bath teas, salves, balms, salts and other things.

When I told my son I was finally ready to open Healing House he said "I think that's your calling Mom." and I think he may be right. It has always been a part of my path, always felt natural and right.

Anyway, I am so pleased to bring you Healing House Teas. Please do stop in at HealingHouse.etsy.com :)