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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 New Teas


3 Sisters

3 Sisters is a very good tea to always keep on hand. It's calming and very comforting, making it an excellent tea during traumatic events. It's also very warming and is a wonderful way to warm up after a cold day outside. It's delicious hot or cold and isn't strictly medicinal so it can be enjoyed anytime.

Contains: Rooibos, Cinnamon, Clove and Ginger Root



Sensual is a simple tea that makes no claims and offers only an exotic scent and taste that put many people, especially women, in a relaxed, yet sensual mood. For men, try the Yang tea.

Contains: Jasmine, Oolong and Ginger Root



Warmth Tea is an excellent tea for warming a person that has been to long outside in Winter or has a weakness to the cold. It helps to warm thoroughly and quickly.

Contains: Rooibos, Cheyenne, Cinnamon and Yerba Mate


Birthing Tea

Birthing Tea is a simple, single herb tea that is a gentle yet effective way to aid childbirth. Red Raspberry leaf has long been used to strengthen the uterine muscle, increase milk production and ease nausea and the pain of childbirth. Many women, including myself, drink 1 to 3 cups daily after the first trimester, and right before giving birth. ** Please, never take anything while pregnant without consulting your care provider first!

Contains: Organic Red Raspberry Leaf


To order these teas and many others, or to request a custom blend, see my Herbal Shop HealingHouse.etsy.com or contact me at HealingHouseTeas@aol.com


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Hi, My teas arrived - one was three sisters - very nicely presented and delicious. I am really enjoying all of them - and I am not a fan of herbal teas - but yours were so interesting I thought I would order and try. Glad I did. Ellouise