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Please consult your Care Provider before using any herbs or natural medicinals. Anyone can be allergic to anything, if you're unsure it's better not to use it. Double check everything with you Care Provider if you're pregnant or nursing.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Resurrection Tea

I am not a doctor, I've never claimed to be and never will. This is not meant to substitute mainstream medicine in any way. I am in no way advising or prescribing just sharing an old recipe.

Harm None

This recipe has been used successfully to treat aids, several forms of cancer and other very serious illness. It's believed to be a good thing to have on hand in the event of a pandemic.

The recipe can be ground for capsules but is easiest to ingest by tea. In tea form it works more quickly and is easier on the stomach.

It contains no caffeine.

It contains Echinacea which is a safe and natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. Because of this, Echinacea should not be overused or it may loose it's ability to work in more serious circumstances. When using Echinacea internally, in any form, it's best used for 3 to 7 days (never more then 10) then discontinued for at least 2 weeks.

It also contains Bee Pollen, which is an important ingredient but some people are allergic to it. You can make it without but it will be much less nourishing.

It supports and strengthens the immune system.Fights bacterial, viral and fungal infections.Helps detoxify the system.Nourishes with many vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids needed for health and healing.Provides energy which enables the body to help fight off illness and helps counteract fatigue.

This recipe in is Parts. A part in this case meaning whatever you use to measure. I most commonly use a Tablespoon or cup. The tea can be kept in an airtight jar and stay good a very long time. It will loose potency over time but not nearly as quickly as most manufacturers would have you believe. If your tea is kept dry, well sealed and out of direct sunlight it will still be worthy in 5 years.

Resurrection Tea

1 Pt. Ginseng ( Eleuthero Root )
1 Pt. Pau d'Arco Bark
1 Pt. Echinacea Pururea ( Purple coneflower - all parts)
2 Pts. Red Clover Flowers (Trifolium pratense)
1/2 Pt Bee Pollen (local is best but any will do)

Large pieces should be crumbled but not over handled to lose oils. Mix everything well before adding bee pollen then mix lightly or pollen can be destroyed.

About 1 1/2 teaspoon will make a strong 8oz cup

When I make it, I steep it for quite some time (5 minutes or more) making a very strong brew and then water it down as needed. I give a small amount (about 8 oz) of weak tea 3 times a day.

You can add honey to sweeten but nothing else. The principle of this tea is that all ingredients work with oneanother in a specific and balanced way. Many things can change the way chemicals act or react and thereby completely change the composition of the medicinal.

We have also seen benefit from using in compresses under the arms, neck and other glands.

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