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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Extracts and Tinctures

Pure extracts and tinctures are expensive to buy but very easy to make. You can use them in cooking and medicinals and, they also make very nice gifts.

You'll need a good quality Vodka (any vodka will do but the better quality of Vodka will make a better extract).
Your herbs or spices (can be fresh or dry herbs but fresh works best).
A clean glass jar with tight fitting lid.
Strainer (cheesecloth works well).
Cool, dark storage space.

When using fresh herbs, slightly bruise the herbs to help release the essential oils. Add about 1 part fresh herb to 4 parts Vodka or 1 part dry herb to 5 parts Vodka, in clean glass jar. Cover tightly with lid and store in cool dark space for 4 weeks. Shake vigorously once a day. After 4 weeks you can strain the herbs out and the store your new extract or tincture in glass jar with tight lid. Dark glass is best but any will do. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Will keep indefinitely.

A metal lid may rust, ruining your extract but you can add a piece of plastic (like a plastic food bag) to the jar before adding the lid.

Make all your own extracts and tinctures and you'll know exactly what went into them :)

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