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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Natural wormers

If you don't grow or otherwise have access to natural wormers you can order
Mollys http://fiascofarm.com/herbs/wormer.htm  It works very well and I've used it off and on for years now.

I also make my own and prefer it to Molly's, which is probably the same for
everyone who makes their own. There are some interchangeable ingredients
for taste. The two main ingredients are wormwood and garlic, they are the
most important wormers and cover more types. Most herbs for parasites work on
one or two, wormwood and garlic work on many.

Other herbs for wormers are
Pumpkin seeds
Black walnut hulls

My current wormer recipe is (all dried herb)

1 part Wormwood
1 part Mugwort
1 part Pumpkin seeds
1/4 part Garlic
1/4 part Black Walnut hulls

I don't measure for cats because we have so many but I estimate and try to
be sure each cat gets approximately 1/2 t for every 5 pounds of body
weight. I feed once a week. I now also follow the Molly's chart for worming the
goats, using the 3 day dose as well.

To the 3 day dose I add
1/4 part ginger root
1/8 part ceyenne

I use this dogs, cats, rabbit, poultry, goats, ....
**I used to make a similar recipe for the horses but without black walnut,
which can be

When I have more Thyme I add it to the regular recipe but don't have
enough started right now. I use around 1/2 Part.

It's more based of what you have available and what your animals will eat.
I always feed the wormer so there's less stress for everyone. Stress
reduces immune system which in turn makes it easier for parasites to take hold
and prosper.

I also believe it's important to balance the immune system as a natural
resistance to parasites.

The goats eat black walnut leaves and we pick them when they can no longer
reach them. The leaves are drying and I use them in Drawing salve but they
likely have anti parasites properties too.

I also keep 2 waters for all the animals, one has clean well water and the
other is water with my own apple vinegar. Our animals often choose the
vinegar water over the regular water. I don't really measure but I would think
I used around 3 to 4 tablespoon per gallon of water.

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